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Stress, Non Pharmacological Pain Management and Symptom Care

Dr Martha Watson, innovator of Therapy Resolution, PractitionerPro®
Erie, Pa & Tri State Medical Concierge                                                                                             Mind-Body Intervention Specialist                                                                                                 In home care, office, telephone & onsite patient care


We provide a multidisciplinary approach to care for behavior modification and physical symptoms of chronic, serious and life-threatening disease and illness through addressing your fears and worries, lessening your discomfort -pain, relief for symptoms enhancing your quality of life.

Our unique prevention, intervention, recovery and rehabilitation health and wellness programs offer integrative interdisciplinary care to focus on the patient’s health, including the caregiver while combating hardships, disease and illness.

We offer patient palliative care supporting family caregivers. Services areas are non pharmacological pain management stress management and symptom care including behavior modification for both health and wellness areas in life.

Intervention clinical approaches are combined with effective coping strategies for individuals and their families enduring stress while they face challenges of hardships , hospitalization, illness, or disabilities.

Services include individual care and support to family caregivers of patients, caregivers of seniors, caregivers of troubled teens, and families with children of disabilities. Caregiver support services are offered along with patient care or as a standalone service to parents, siblings, and other family or be-loved members.

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Our vision is comprehensive, including clinical services, CEU educational offerings, healthcare education, research based community programs, and products through outreach efforts to both patients and family caregivers.

“The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.”


bringing consciousness to health, dr martha watson